The Wall: A centre for youth in Batu Pahat

Since 2010, The Wall has organized a diversified array of shows being a centre for youth expression in town.

The Wall is a studio and a space for local DIY art communities and has proven to be more than a common jamming studio. It is a space to share ideas, meet new people, sell tapes, cds, t-shirts, books and much more .

Feroz Omar, 28, the founder of The Wall said, “the Wall is a studio and a space for artistic expression and exchange. Initially, we wanted to make it a music studio, when we found that this place was much larger than we thought and could fit more people inside, we decided to transform it into a DIY space”.

“DIY space is meant for us to organize shows. The Wall has one stage and jamming equipments. We organize shows and not limit it exclusively to music. There could be poem recital, talks or discussions,” he added. The wall has created a platform for all independent artists to perform and mingle. The intention behind this concept is to encourage artist both young and old to have a space to explore their artistic talents.

The Wall celebrated their first anniversary early this year featuring local bands such as Dewata, Chaos Bomb, Low Profile, John The Moron and Toxictoy. Poem recited by John D Madman and Senopati Zarep.

More Info please visit their blog or their facebook page


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