The Wall First Year Anniversary Featuring “CHAOS BOMB” Kluang Crust Punk on May 1, 2011 at The Wall, Batu Pahat Advertisements

DEAD From Melbourne, Australia performing at THE WALL, Batu Pahat on May 7, 2011. They was in Southeast asia tour with onion (lara), an instrumental solo artist. Before they landed at The wall, they have performed at Tampin(Seventh Heaven) and Kuala Lumpur (Annexe Gallery). The other local acts are SICKNESS, PSYCHOTIC SUFFERANCE, WMFM, THROW-MA, ALCHEMY […]

The Wall First Year Anniversary Featuring “John D Madman”. The BP’s favourite man of wisdom on May 1, 2011 at The Wall, Batu Pahat.

Raja Singa, the Kings of Grindcore unleashing their new beasts ‘Rajagnaruk’! Sharing the stage with: Microbatmen – Chiptunes Chewbacca – Stoner Rock Corporate Youth – Punkrock Dissocial – Japcore/D-beat Gymnastic Skull Whistling – Fastcore/Powerviolence When: Sunday, 22nd May 2010.Time: 4pm Where: MyEvo,Pandan Indah. How much: RM10 Come early to get free Raja Singa stickers! Brought […]

The Wall is a studio and space for local DIY arts community based in Batu Pahat, Johor. They help putting up shows and being a centre for people of the new generation to get the real experience of how a punk/hardcore scene should be. They celebrating the anniversary featuring DEWATA, CHAOS BOMB, LOW PROFILE, JOHN […]

Psst! Hello Folks, We are conducting Photography Art and Design Workshop#1. Please pass the words around. Thank You!